5th Joint Meeting of ESPU-SPU
September 12-15th, 2021 - Lisbon, Portugal

Important information about the meeting

Dear colleagues, members and friends,

Following on from my previous communication confirming the decision to not hold the Joint meeting in Sept 2020 at Lisbon, the board have now met and have decided to postpone the meeting to 12-15th September 2021 at same venue. I have confirmed this with SPU officially and with the invited societies, ICCS, APAPU & SIUP and BSPU (Supporting partner) and am glad to say they have all accepted this graciously given the unprecedented situation with the Pandemic and given their support to this meeting to be held in April.

We will now inform the authors of accepted abstracts and the Scientific committee will meet to draft the program later this year.

The hotels in Lisbon will transfer the reservations for those already made to the September 2021 Joint meeting dates. Further information can be found on ESPU website.

A newsletter will follow shortly with further announcements and details re events and activities.

Please do get back with any queries in the meantime.

Kind regards,

Ramnath Subramaniam
Secretary ESPU

Dear members and dear friends,

I hope that you and your families are well and that this bad virus has not affected your relatives and collaborators.  Seeing the prospect of our joint meeting in Lisbon September 2020 not feasible was a very painful decision indeed; nevertheless the scientific committee and the reviewers did an excellent job of selecting the best abstracts, Lale, ESPU meeting coordinator negotiated step by step with the congress venue and hospitality sector in Lisbon, Ramnath Subramaniam had regular conversations with the representatives of our partners and invited societies and finally our joint meeting is not cancelled but only postponed to September 12-15th, 2021. Hoping that the Covid will only be a bad memory next summer, this unprecedented period was for many a time of reflection and focus. 

I have thus been able to observe situations in which some of our members have put their expertise and their competence at the service of external structures without claiming that they belong to ESPU (sometimes to their governing bodies or their committees).  Everyone should be proud to be a member of the ESPU and should carry our flag. One of our vocations is to have paediatric urology recognized in Europe as a sub-specialty between urology and paediatric surgery.  No one except the ESPU and EBPU is pursuing that objective. We must not lose sight of this goal and there is still a long way to go.  If each one of us does not make a contribution and puts him(her)self at the service of other sometimes competing organisations, we are not serving the cause of paediatric urology in Europe.  Emilio Merlini and I have made it our mission to work with national societies, (many of which are already affiliated) with recognizing paediatric urology as a sub-specialty at the level of each European state.  At the same time, the ESPU together with the EBPU continues to promote the best practice of our art, delivering education and training the future generations of paediatric urologists. I therefore wish a long life to the ESPU and the EBPU and I wish you all a beautiful summer.

Henri Lottmann
President, ESPU