5th Joint Meeting of ESPU-SPU
September 23-25th, 2021 - Virtual

Presentation Guidelines

Presentations upload process is now closed.

Everybody needs to start his or her presentation with disclosure slides (please find sample slides here), addressing all actual, potential or possible conflict of interests.


  • Once you register, please wait for an e-mail from our partners VOQIN to onboard the meeting platform.
  • After you complete onboarding, you will find the details on how to record your presentation as a video before uploading to the platform.
  • Your presentations (narated slides video files in full HD quality minimum) should be 3 minutes long for standard presentation (2 minutes long for Case Reports, 10 minutes long for nurses' presentations), and should be recorded according these guidelines:
  • If you are a lecturer or a panelist, to do your recordings our Meeting Coordinator Lale Ak ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) will get in touch with you separately.